Understanding and knowing wine can be quite daunting; there's so much to choose from and much of the advice available is given in confusing and pretentious "Wine-Speak". We often meet people who have tasted delicious wine when on holiday in Italy and can never seem to find anything as good when they get back home, or think that they have to spend over £30 per bottle to get good quality.

Our mission at Infinity Wines is to offer those wines you only seem to find in local trattorias on holiday in Italy, and to share them in a way that's interesting and fun. We want our customers to feel comfortable about not knowing much about wine and allow them access to high quality wines that are great value for money. That's why we provide a relaxed wine tasting experience at all our market events for free without any hard sell.

About Us

How it all Started

It started at a wine tasting, as all good stories do. A slightly tipsy, chance encounter led us to meet the owner of an Italian vineyard – Conte Piervittorio Leopardi Dittajuti, whose family dates back to the 5th Century and is the direct ancestor of the famous philosopher and poet of the early 19th century Giacomo Leopardi. The Count had some great wines but needed a UK distributor. Dave had 20 years experience in the wine industry, but always behind the scenes in supply-chain and logistics. Sarah had 25 years sales and management experience in the hospitality industry. Not only did we have the know-how, but the timing was perfect for a new adventure and Infinity Wines was born.

Infinity is more than just a name to us, it represents who we are as a couple, and the love that from which the brand was launched. The sign of infinity has always been a theme for us – we got together on 8-8-82 and we were married on 8-8-88 so when we first put our business plan together and came up with basic start up costs of £888, well, what bigger sign could we receive than that!?