What Storm Eats: Clams With Peas, Brown Shrimp & Wild Garlic

Storm has given us a perfect recipe to celebrate springtime with wonderfully seasonal and delicious ingredients. Serve with crusty bread, or tossed through pasta. We have so many delicious white wines to pair with this dish on our list, but you wont go wrong with any of these 3 delicious wines from our good friends […]

What Storm Eats: Nduja, Aubergine & Tomato Ragu & Pasta

If you like your pasta with a spicy kick, then you will love this delicious recipe from our Infinity Wine Lover and food blogger, Storm. You can find a link to more of her work and recipes here on her Instagram account @whatstormeats. To cope with the heat of the nduja, we recommend 2 of our […]

What Storm Eats: Lamb & Pistachio Meatballs

Storm first and foremost is a passionate cook, recipe writing and content creator but also a real lover and supporter of Infinity Wines. Storm cooks up vibrant and exciting dishes from her home in West London and she has whipped up a few recipes to pair with our delicious wines. You can find a link […]

Christmas Wine & Food

The Christmas holiday season is particular to every family, each with its own traditions. Regardless of how you spend the holidays, for most of our customers, food and wine play a big part, so we’ve decided to focus this month’s blog to help any of you that are hosting Christmas this year with some easy, […]

Why are some wines so expensive?

Hello Infinity Wine lovers! As we head toward the end of 2021, most of us will be making at least one trip to the wine shop to pick up a gift or a bottle to drink with a special meal. Depending on where you shop, the prices of bottles on offer could range from pocket […]

Flavia’s Butternut Squash and Sausage Risotto

        Serves 4 350g risotto rice (preferably carnaroli) 300g butternut squash 6 good-quality sausages, meat squeezed from the skins 1 onion chopped up Half a glass of white wine 1 teaspoon of Butter 2 tablespoons of Olive oil Parmesan cheese 600 ml Vegetable stock (stock cubes is fine) Salt Black pepper   […]

Selecting Wine: Dave’s Rule of Thumb

Hello Infinity Wine lovers! Can you believe the festive season is less than 100 days away? I thought now would be a great time to share some of my favourite tips for picking a decent bottle of wine, whatever the shop. And because dinner party season is right around the corner, I’ve also covered how […]

Is low-alcohol wine a healthy option?

Hello Infinity Wine lovers! I’m not sure why; maybe we’ve all decided to take a bit better care of ourselves after lockdown, but more and more, I’m getting asked the question, “Is low-alcohol wine a healthy option?” Let me start by saying, at Infinity Wines we sell premium wines made using organic methods with minimal […]

Wines Basic #1 What gives wine its colour?

  WHITE WINE White wine can be made from either white grapes or red grapes. White wine is made only from the juice of the grapes without any contact with the skins. The grapes are crushed and pressed to extract all the juice which is then drained off prior to alcoholic fermentation. (See Wine Basics #2 […]

Wine Basics #2 – How do you make wine?

There are many techniques and options available to winemakers which we may cover in other topics but to start with we’re just going to describe the most common wine making processes. We don’t want to get over-technical in explaining how wine is made so will limit our explanation to the main processes involved which are […]