Are your wines organic?

Yes, although only 3 of our 8 producers are fully certified. All our producers use organic methods of cultivation in their vineyards which means they do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their vines. Cantina Sant’Isidoro from Macerata for example, has not applied for organic certification but instead adopts a method of cultivation called “residual zero” which means that there are no traces of chemicals in the grapes on the vine or in the wine.

Are any of your wines sulphate free?

Sulphates are present in all wines because the yeast used for fermentation produces Sulphur dioxide (SO2). Our wines have no added sulphates so are limited to around 6 to 20 parts per million (ppm) unlike many mass-produced commercial wines that typically have 50 to 75 ppm where Potassium Metabisulfite is added to the wine prior to bottling to remove any oxygen that may have built-up prior to bottling. To find out more on this subject please see our blog.

Can you source rare and fine wines for private collections and investment?

Yes we can. We have access to the some of the finest and rarest wines from Italy and France. We can help private clients build a portfolio of fine wines from some of the most sought-after labels for long term investments and of course for drinking. Just contact Dave via email to discuss how to build your own portfolio of fine wines dave@infinity.wine

Why do you only sell Italian Wines?

We love Italian wine and the wide variety of premium, artisanal wines available. We like the fact that unlike France and Spain there so many small family run wine producers that make wine only from their own vineyards, often using local grape varieties that are only grown in their region. We know that the wines we source are made in small quantities and are not available in the UK. When we started this business in 2015 our mission was to bring back the delicious wines we drank when on holiday in Italy and offer them to other wine enthusiasts. We are not saying that we will never branch out to other countries, but for now we there is still plenty more wines to explore from Italy.

Do you host private wine tasting events?

Subject to government guidelines for safe working we host events in offices, hired venues and at people’s homes and gardens. We charge £150 for the evening, including all glassware. Before the event we discuss and select the wines together and on the night we talk you through them like we do at the markets but any bottles opened for you to drink. For a good tasting we recommend 8 different wines. Our tasting events are always informal and relaxed. We can also provide food and wine matching suggestions along with other options such as blind tasting games.

Do you offer discounts and special offers?

We have resisted the widely used practice across the retail wine trade of inflating prices initially to then offer them at deep discounts. Many wine lovers, including us have been tempted by the many “special offers” promoted on-line and in the supermarkets but have been very disappointed with the quality of wine received. When we started this business in 2015 we decided that we would be up front with our customers and do everything we can to offer great tasting, premium wines that provide real value for money all the time.