We work exclusively with boutique, family-run wineries throughout Italy. Where they have many small wine businesses named Azienda Vinicola, which is a classification of a wine business where all aspects of wine production take place on the land of the wine producer. This means that the sustainability of the business is based upon quality of the product not on driving sales in litres of wine. We love Italian wine as there’s such a wide range of grape varietals, wine styles and regions on offer.

There are 1,368 recorded wine varietals in Italy, of which 350 have been given officially authorised status from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MIPAAF) There are a further 500 documented varieties in circulation, so 850 all together! Of the 20 wine regions currently in Italy, we offer wines from only seven of them at the moment, so we have a lot more wine to go…!

Our Producers

Meet our family-run wine producers.

Azienda Agricola Conte Leopardi

The Leopardi Dittajuti family, who’s history dates back to the 5th century, own this estate in beautiful Le Marche. Today things are run by Count Piervittorio Leopardi Dittajuti, who took over the business in the 1980s from his father, and has focused his efforts in modernising the winery and driving quality throughout their range. Since 2003 he has been working with the highly regarded winemaker Riccardo Cotarella and together they have been producing fantastic Italian wines that express their limestone-marl rich soils and Mediterranean surroundings exquisitely. Ever the eco-conscious producer, sustainability is key to their production too. To find out more about Conte Leopardi, visit their website: https://www.conteleopardi.com


Cantina Sant’Isidoro

The estate is owned by Francesco Cantina, who developed the winery after restoring an old stately home in the Macerata hills. The varietals selected to be grown in vineyards adjacent to the villa are well suited to the limestone and clay soils of the area. Francesco has invested in the latest equipment to produce excellent wines and has recently won awards for his Ribona and Pecorino. To find out more about Cantina Sant’Isidoro, visit their website: http://www.cantinasantisidoro.it/en/


Azienda Agricola Aldo Adami

Situated in the heart of the Custoza D.O.C. and Bardolino D.O.C. production zone on mount Valbusa, the family-run Aldo Adami winery has been producing the typical Verona territory wines for over 30 years. The love for its personal work, the care of the grapevines in each of its phases and the respect of the environmental conditions are the fundamentals of the company for obtaining its high-quality wines.

For years on end the Adami family has been tied to the passion for wine: in fact the third generation is now involved, with father Aldo and children Deborah and Mirco who encompass the testimony of these ancient traditions and we are very lucky to be representing their amazing wines in the UK. To find out more about Aldo Adami, visit their website: http://www.cantinaaldoadami.com/en/

Azienda Agricola Attanasio


Azienda Agricola Attanasio epitomises the Italian passion for wine and olive oil and the close connection to the soil and landscape of Salento region in Puglia. It all started when the families of Martino Giovanni and Gregorio Attanasio, producers of wine and oil, joined in 1950 with the same goal: to produce products of the highest quality. Over the years, with passion, perseverance and hard work they have developed their passion to produce a range of excellent wines and olive oils.

Carlo Attanasio is the current generation who has spent years studying wine making and viticulture, learning the techniques from wine regions around the world. Sadly Gregorio recently past away but his passion for high quality wines lives on through Carlo from the work in the vineyard through to the low intervention wine making techniques used in the cellar. To find out more about Carlo Attansio’s wine and oilive oils, visit their website: http://www.attanasio.wine


Azienda Vinicola Ruinello

Oltrepò Pavese is the fascinating land extending in a triangular shape in the southern part of Lombardy, in the province of Pavia, between Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia. The soft hills and the deep valleys are covered in thousands of hectares of vineyards: the Versa Valley is the beating heart of the entire wine business in Oltrepò.

Pietro Achilli founded a winery that is tied to tradition and is respectful of old cultivation method with all the grapes being hand-harvested. The vineyards cover twenty hectares of land located between the Municipalities of Santa Maria della Versa, Castana and Montescano. To find out more about Azienda Vinicola Ruinello, visit their website: http://www.ruinello.it


Garesio Societa Semplice Agricola

It’s taken us 5 years to find the right Barolo producer that shares our passion for high quality, natural wines  with the least possible intervention and we’re very proud to represent the delightful Garesio family wines in the UK.

Over the years, the passion that binds the Garesio family to wine transformed into a constant, painstaking research of the most favourable places for vine cultivation. Since 2010, the family has acquired approximately 20 hectares of land in Serralunga d’Alba, the heart of Barolo Langhe, in Incisa Scapaccino and Castelnuovo Calcea in Monferrato and in Perletto in Alta Langa.

They manage the vineyards according to a non-invasive philosophy, in other words the least possible intervention, only when necessary, and applied row by row, plant by plant if needed. They have developed this approach to their nebbiolo vineyards in Serralunga d’Alba which are managed through organic farming practices, without the use of any chemical products. To find out more about Garesio, visit their website: http://www.garesiovini.it


Società Agricola Rosarubra

Rosarubra is a certified organic and bio-dynamic winery in Pietranico. The vineyards cover 30 hectares surrounded by ancient oak woodlands and olive groves. The location and rolling hillsides offer an excellent terroir where nature provides the environment and biodiversity to allow organic and bio-dynamic farming methods to produce outstanding quality wines.


Società Agricola Torri Cantine

Torri Cantine estate covers 60 hectare and is located Halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso mountain around the little town of Torano. The winery was established in 1966 with the aim to produce high quality wines in the best oenological tradition of Abruzzo and has certified organic status.


Tenuta di Lilliano

The Tenuta di Lilliano estate, co-owned by brothers Giulio and Pietro Ruspoli, has been managed by Giulio Ruspoli since 1989; his nephew Alessandro represents the estate on the international markets. The Ruspolis are an ancient aristocratic Italian family with a history in Tuscany dating back to the Renaissance and, in Rome, to the 17th century.
In 1708, Pope Clement XI bestowed the principality of Cerveteri upon the Ruspoli family who had committed their own personal regiment in defence of the papal state.

The Ruspoli brothers still live in the historical Ruspoli Palace in the centre of Rome. The estate comprises three vineyards covering 40 hectares of the very highest level: “Le Piagge”, Sangiovese, exposed south, at an altitude of approximately 300 m above sea level; “Casina Sopra Strada”, Sangiovese and Colorino, exposed east-southeast, at an altitude of approximately 300 m above sea level; “Vigna Catena”, Merlot with south-southwest exposure, at an altitude of approximately 280 m above sea level.

Nowadays, agronomist Stefano Porcinai is responsible for looking after the estate’s vineyards, while prize-winning oenologist Lorenzo Landi takes charge in the winery. To find out more about Tenuta di Lilliano, visit their website: https://www.lilliano.it/


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