Our wines are made in the most natural way possible without the use of chemicals in the vineyard nor added sulphites and sugar. Every wine we offer represents a true expression of the unique combination of land, soil and climate combined with the passion of the producers to create the best tasting wine possible. We will only work with small family businesses, (known in Italy as Azienda Agricola) that are either certified as organic/biodynamic or only use organic methods.

It is especially important for us to ensure that each wine we select tastes delicious. Each bottle of wine must have its own story to tell about its provenance, how it tastes and how it pairs with different foods. We’re always looking to expand our range and in doing so focus upon the taste profile of the wine and whether it is an excellent example of its type. We regularly taste wines from potential new suppliers and wines already available in the UK so we have the breadth of knowledge of what is on offer to ensure that we provide something that’s unique.

Our Wines

Whilst we are of course a business, we are also truly passionate about wine and want to share our discoveries with other wine lovers by keeping our prices as low as possible all the time. We have resisted the widely used practice across the wine trade of inflating prices initially to then offer them at deep discounts. Instead all our pricing offers great value for money given the quality on offer and reflects what the wine is really worth. Most importantly of all, we will never be tempted to join the race to the bottom and bulk out our list with poor quality wine just to compete in the sub £10 price range.

We offer affordable, premium wines in a relaxed and approachable way. We want our customers to feel comfortable about not knowing much about wine and offer them a service without snobbery or elitism. We are always happy to help and provide advice on choosing the right wine for everyone and encourage all our customers to contact us by phone or through the web site to talk about what wines will be best for them.


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