Grappa Di Catalanesca


This is one of the finest grappa’s I have ever tasted. Unlike many grappas, it’s soft and warming like a good cognac, due to its ageing for up to 1 year in French oak barrels. Sip after dinner with good-quality dark chocolate or homemade fudge.

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Distilleria G. Amato





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Chocolate, fudge

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Grappa is made from grape pomace which is the pulpy residue remaining after the grapes have been crushed for winemaking. Giuseppe Amato takes great care with the quality of the ingredients he uses in all his products. He uses pumice that is still moist, fresh and healthy to distil in pressurised copper vats. After distillation, the resulting grappa is aged in French oak barrels for up to 1 year to produce a refined digestivo that is soft and warming with notes of dried fruit and vanilla.

The pumice used for this grappa is from Catalanesca, which is a white grape with a leathery skin that ripens later in September; the grapes are used for eating and making the local wine, Catalanesca del Monte Somma. It is cultivated almost exclusively on Mount Somma and the Vesuvius area and is rarely seen outside the local Campania region.