Lune Nuove Passito


Yet another amazing and unique wine from Carlo Attanasio. It’s made from a combination of 70% Primitivo and 30% Syrah that are both left on the vine to dry, then blended during vinification with a small amount of the same grapes that were picked a little earlier. The result is an intense, dark, full-bodied red which is 16% ABV with 3% residual sugar that is combined under the Italian passito rules to show as 19% on the label.

The pronounced aromas of dried fruit, vanilla and nutmeg lead to a softly rounded wine on the palette with flavours of cloves, cinnamon and a hint of star anise. For a young wine, it is incredibly balanced and perfect for drinking now but will continue to develop in the bottle for many years to come. We love this wine with cheese as an alternative to port but also matches well with hearty stews and red meat. If there was ever a wine made for winter, this is it.


Cantina Attansio







Alcohol (ABV)



Full bodied red

Food Matches

Cheese Board, Hearty Winter Stews, Roast/grilled red meat and game, Strong Cheese