Organically-made, natural, low sulphite wine

We believe that every wine has a story to tell, from its origins and history, production process, and ultimately taste. Every wine we sell has been handpicked by us, for you. Our ethos at Infinity Wines is to only work directly with small, Italian family businesses that make organically made, natural, low sulphate wines. None of our wines are ‘ordinary’ and you won’t find them anywhere else in the UK.

It’s our passion to find affordable, artisan Italian wines that we love and to share them with fellow wine lovers. When we started this business, we promised that if it ever stopped being fun, we would close the business and drink the wine! We’re still having fun, so we hope you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we've enjoyed selecting them for you.

Our Wines

Our wines are made in the most natural way possible without the use of any chemicals in the vineyard or in the winery, resulting in clean wines with incredible flavour.

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Our Story

In 2015 we didn’t have a grand plan but a passion to share high quality, affordable wines direct to people like us with a service that’s fun and engaging.

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Our Producers

The small, family-run wineries we work with produce limited amounts of their wine each year, much of which is sold locally, making us the ideal partner to represent their wines in the UK.

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Our Most Popular Wines

Upcoming Events:

One of the best parts of our job is meeting fellow wine lovers and encouraging everyone to taste our entire range so that they know what great wines we have and for them to discover new wines that are rarely seen in this county. We offer a free wine tasting experience, with no hard sell or pretentious wine-speak.

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